Review Your Interactions with Police.

(Any Interactions from Last 10 Years)

" At park and should probably have been doing a better job of socially distancing, but officer was super cool about it and handled the situation really well. "
Race: White;    Gender: Male;    Age: 35-44;
Location: Seattle, WA
" I was walking down the street of Kirkland and believed I was unjustly profiled for being a black man walking the streets. A police officer drove by and almost broke his neck he turned so far around to see what I was doing. I was just walking, so the only thing I can think is he noticed the color of my skin. "
Race: Black or African American;    Gender: Male;    Age: 35-44;
Location: Kirkland, WA

Providing Transparency

We provide unprecedented levels of visibilty to interactions between police and citizens to help improve transparency, trust, and safety for all parties involved. See statistics in your city by race, gender, and age. Share and read stories with other citizens.

Helping Citizens and Police

Providing insightful and actionable data to government agencies, social organizations, citizens, and police to help understand the factors contributing to satisfaction levels, bias, and misinformation with a goal of achieving meaningful improvements.

Citizen Privacy and Security

The privacy of your information is of the utmost important to us. We never share your identifiable information with anyone.

Establishing Trust

We believe dialogue, transparency, and collaboration increase trust between police and citizens. Please answer accurately when reviewing officers to help us keep our information clean. Reviews can be both positive or negative in nature, we encourage honest input from citizens.

The Process

Our process for improving the ability to protect and serve.





"We believe that consistent change requires collaboration between citizens, community organizations, police departments, and government agencies with a goal to protect people, keep people feeling safe, and improve levels of service in communities.

Success should be defined by the people served in these communities."

Michael Brown, Citizen and CEO - Police Window


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